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changed my blog.

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changed my blog(:

visit there!!!




Cougar!!rawrr. *coughs*

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Da Diva’

Jennifer Lynn Lopez (born July 24, 1969).

She is the richest person of Latin American descent in Hollywood according to Forbes, and the most influentialHispanic entertainer in the U.S. according to People en Español‘s list of “100 Most Influential Hispanics”.
(source from wikipedia.) – I love wikipedia!!

and right now, the media cant help but label her as a cougar..
Cougar—a woman over 40, who sexually pursues younger men, typically more than eight years her junior.
but she is not! cause she is happily married and not seeking younger men.

o my..she used to be such an icon,  (im sure she still is) since i was 12 years old, as i held the very first “Max 6” cd i had. wee.. time flies. well at least im glad she is happily married and being such a wonderful mom.

she still look glamorous.

whatever it is, a true legend lives!

watch her new mtv online. personally i did not take a huge liking for this song when i heard it.. but right now its kinda getting into me..the song’s name Louboutins.. hear the song and learn how to properly pronounce it(: expensive heels..


Below are pictures of me attempting to be one.
looks more of a girl from a wolf clan :/

premature wolf! maybe a cat by mistake?

haha, and the leader of the pack!!

i bought all four books of twilight(: amazing. to a certain point it gets ridiculous. yea, ridiculousy nice 😀
hope everybody enjoy your weekends!!

verapriscilla. ♪


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Happy 31 months together my love!!!

together we braved through the storms, the currents, the ups and downs, the flus and now environmental threats!!

(: as we pledged to love our planet earth, lets pledge to have faith and trust God in this awesome relationship!

xoxo, your girl..