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Unleash the talents in you<3

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whatever the future holds, God holds my hand.

Awesome night yesterday!(: Dance Recital was awesome! All the dancers did a fabulous job and thank God for such wonderful dancers! The audience were spontaneous! Here are some pictures of the process and the actual night!

makeupthe make up during full dress rehearsal.. no glitter until actual day..):


cool5lights plotting.

recitalhaha, desert rose’s dancers! im the one with the purpleish leggings. :p




vanessamy shaking of hair partner(:

cool9Smile for the camera 😀




coolthis picture is so cute! ^^

desertroseall the desert rose dancers(: ❤

cool6Pastor Paul!


hairDa Hair!!

soulSoul Dancers!

reflectionsReflections’ Dancers!

shuixiuVal’s item!!


(: what a wonderful night. beyond words can describe. next up is a self-upgrading phase.. i have so much so much to improve in my dance skills.. (: jazz.. here i come!



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(: im gonna get my rest. lovelove.

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(: im gonna get my rest. lovelove.

Remember my name- fame.

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IMG_0623my before-dance-dinner-buddy (:

tuesday.. what is everybody doing?
started off with a rather bad morning due to the sudden downpour.. boots were wet.. luckily my bag is waterproof. got onto the bus, and yes the bus is cold. Holland village nonetheless was even colder. started sneezing.. praying hard that i wont catch a serious flu. thank God!(: whew~
and baby, in the midst of examinations, came down all the way. couldnt express how touched i was.
dinner at holland village.. really quiet atmosphere and Vera loves quiet ambience. I dont lyke loud places most of the time.. if i can i rather curl up at home or just sit at a quiet cafe and spend the afternoon reading my favourite novels.

“My princess deserves the prince.
Me the prince shall always be there when my princess feels down.
Loves.” – Ervin. (facebook)

a fruitful day(:

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IMG_0637this phillip lim dress, simple and nice(:

IMG_0626 (4)after blowdrying my hair(:

IMG_0622 (5)

IMG_0620 (5)she is so soundly asleep as she lies on the couch(: lovely.

visited grandparents with baby! (:
darling introduced me to this game call “Spore”, o my.. what an interesting game i would say!
downloaded Sims3 as well, wow its so detailed! far better than the first one that was released!
shall turn in very very soon.. yesterday had work and dance, met up with ruixiang to have dinner first.
im excited for the dance concert!

By the way, IVE WON MAKSIM’S CONCERT TICKETS(: lalala~ whoa, magical fingers playing on the piano. -classic.

p.s i love you.

オドリ シマショ!(lets dance!)

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IMG_0635 (3)

IMG_0631 (2)

藤井リナ チャン!! 可愛い .(lena fujii)

IMG_0630 (2)

im dancing tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday~
press on all the dancers! realised ive blogged more nowadays o well.. quiet monday though.
been listening to La Roux’s songs.. very nice and addictive! love the song “BulletProof“. She can sing live and thats awesome.
shall be on the phone with ervin, gotta go.. tata(:


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IMG_0632 (2)


IMG_0633 (2)

IMG_0629 (2)


talking on the phone with beebee now; lazy sunday..thank you for the love and concern! service was great yesterday night. God’s presence everywhere~  hope both of us are feeling better! darling’s got blocked nose.. so baby if you are reading this..

“i hope you get well soon sweetheart! and i’ll keep you in my prayers!(:”

dance recital is coming up really soon! October the 30th! (: rehearsals are coming up, practices almost everyday but i know its all worth it! Heard that Miley Cyrus quitted twitter because twitter is taking up too much of her time and private space..mmm, actually besides she being hannah montana (if thats how you spell it), im not too sure who is she actually. just a random thought cause 987fm kept repeating she quitted twitter.. sooo…..


covers nose* monday.. tuesday.. thursday.. sunday..

A lazy sunday afternoon with ervin.

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08102009those of you whom are not aware of this awesome writer its time!
recently im so caught up with books that i cant stop reading!(:
Jodi Picoult is such a inspiring writer, a child prodigy i would say. She wrote her first book when she was 5 years old, come on! what were you doing when you were at that age? 
Needless to say you guys would have kinda thought which university she graduated from. She earned a
master’s degree in education from Harvard University.
This book im reading above currently is titled Vanishing Act.
From wikipedia, the synopsis goes like this..
Delia Hopkins is your average young lady in New Hampshire. She has a search-and-rescue hound, Greta, as well as a fiancé, Eric, and a young daughter, Sophie. But as she plans her wedding, she starts having flashbacks of events that she can’t recall. The police show up and arrest her father Andrew for the child kidnapping of Bethany Matthews. Delia says her father would never kidnap anyone but her father then tells her Bethany Matthews was who she used to be.
Jodi’s writing style greatly captivates me deeply, the way each chapter is written from different characters’ point of view indeed it can be quite tricky for the brain to decipher the perspectives and opinions. am savouring each chapter left as i hate it when im reading till the end and there are so few pages left.


“My sister’s keeper” is upcoming in the movie theatres! She wrote this book in the year 2005, the book is good but i aint too sure about the movie. There is Cameron Diaz in it so it shouldnt be that bad or far drift from the book right? (:
My Sister’s Keeper is a novel by Jodi Picoult that tells the story of a young girl who sues her parents for medical emancipation when she is expected to donate a kidney to her dying sister.

♪ Starbucks. ♪
just ate korean food with baby, He got me addicted to Kimchi. sighs, I am not a person whom can tolerate spiciness but got me hooked on to it! After all im a true BLUE singaporean, aint i? played with his camera and i think i can take pretty good shots(: ordered white choc mocha and gosh, sure we do drink fast! gotta think of what to drink next. I love afternoons lyke this, lazing around comfortably.. with the person you love.. finally its one fine sunday i aint workin’. This week has been amazing.. miracles do happen(:


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IMG_0581my favourite mask.


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The other day celebrating Jonathan’s birthday.

IMG_0584IMG_0581IMG_0582IMG_0587IMG_0585IMG_0586IMG_0588IMG_0589IMG_0592IMG_0591IMG_0593IMG_0594IMG_0595visited grandparents today(: we headed to Henderson Market to have our brunch, they are so lovely! without them, i wouldnt be here. staying with them ever since i was an infant.. its a whole 16 years together with them. Grandma knows what to do when im feeling low, and especially when i was vulnerable to running fever each time i give myself unnecessary stress during exams. Thank God for them(: afterwhich i headed to twinkle’s chereography.. i thank God for all these dancers. All Glory to God!

headed to buy mommy’s prezzie! Just wrapped her gifts and put in on her dressing table(: hope that will make her day once she wakes up in the morning! This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice everybody!