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Avatar!! and choosing of a new University.

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personally besides Twilight, the New Moon Saga.. the next movie everyone should catch is AVATAR!

From wikipedia:
In 2154, the RDA corporation is mining Pandora, a lush, Earth-like moon of the planet Polyphemus, in the Alpha Centauri system.[16] Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi), the administrator, employs former marines as mercenaries to provide security. The humans aim to exploit Pandora’s reserves of a valuable mineral called unobtanium.
Humans cannot breathe Pandora’s atmosphere. In order to move about Pandora, human scientists have genetically engineered human-Na’vi hybrids called avatars, which are controlled by genetically matched human operators.

to read more visit:

its awesome because they pushed technology to new level! Go watch it(:

THEN comes the agonizing monday i had. i went to school.. with a eager heart.. went early for registration and all.. everything was fine just that i dont see any singaporeans around. so i thought to myself, yep indeed i enrolled to an international school. After much delay i went to the lecture (consists of 30 people??)..guess what they are all from china. the entire student population is from there.  i have nothing against any race and nothing against any nationality. in fact ive got good friends from china, thailand etc. as i stepped for lecture i heard these bunch of them speaking in Mandarin.

“Do you think she is a chinese?!”
“I think she is singaporean.”
“Hahaha @!^&%#!(&”

what a first day of school for me. i queued up to get my attendance marked. i was one of the first few but i was the last to mark my attendance. all of the girls pushed me behind. when i mentioned push, i literally mean “grabbing your arm and pushing you behind”. Was fighting back my tears and wondering maybe its just my first day.. in the midst of them shouting to one another in Mandarin while the lecturer was trying his best to maintain the class, it was fruitless. and He started scolding them that they can be stubborn towards the english language but guess what they dont know what is the meaning of stubborn. Grabbing my bag and rushing out of the door, i thank God for rescuing me out of this whole situation. i dont want to be pushed over again. -my nightmare.

Give thanks..(:
because after that incident, i began to open up to my parents.. i told them that Bachelor in Business is not what i want. so now im looking into School of Audio Engineering.. or journalism. i thank God for a wonderful family, Ervin and my cell leader.

God is awesome and good.

Jamming session was good too(: Christians all coming to worship the Lord!


Merry Christmas(:

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Merry Christmas!!(:

“And His Glory appear,
like the light from the Sun..
Age to age He stands.
O Look to the sky,
Hear the angels cry..
Singing Holy is the Lord”~

What am i thinking right now? : The earth barely has enough resources to survive.. we are running out of oil.. look at the desperate excavations human are trying to dig to kill the planet. By the year 2016.. Oil prices will rise because the Earth has no more left.  All the animals are all facing extinction.. look at ignorant people eating sharkfins..Why in the world is it consider delicacy? if you google it, sharkfins has no taste at all! what you are truly tasting is the additional sauces and pepper!! Blocks of ice melting each day.. Animals have to migrate, seals left their youngs to die as they escape.. Global warming.. Pollution.. people being inconsiderate.. just look at the people boarding the train everyday. 😦

today, i was looking at a phone.. and trying to see the functions.. a boy (maybe 9 years old??) came over and touched the stripe that was attached to the phone. I asked him to give me a minute and he nearly took Ervin’s phone in return?! and i simple said politely, “hold on kid”. and the next thing is he snatched the phone. Where has all the manners gone to? the kids, the future.. Listen to class 9.87fm.. for teens below 18 years old..the most search topics..

  • no.6 :twitter
  • no.5 facebook
  • no.4 youtube
  • no.3 sex(????!!!) this includes kids which are from 5 years old

Lets start off the year 2010 great!! Lets start to save the Earth! Simple thing lyke saving paper, water.. im sure i dont need to even mention all the basics cause you guys already know it:D

I went “Cotton On” today and i happened to see a black tank top so i decided to buy it cause its going only for $5(:
and you know i was amazed beyond words..

why is the receipt so LONG??? i merely bought a piece of clothing! the rest of the paper is its Refund and Exchange Policy.. this piece of receipt is 42 cm!!! its the longest receipt for the most small quantity and least significant object i have ever seen. 😦
please Love this planet we are living on.



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Twilight :
the time of day immediately following sunset.
Some of my favourite pictures..(:


the crew.

Spoiler: this is the scene when Alice Cullen saw the future of Bella and Edward 
becoming vampires. o well, as Edward always say..the future always change.

Bella being ready for the prom. though the book doesnt go that way~ 

the Cullens, sitting at their favourite seats. Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward.
oopsie. their close up private life..

my own life: well, these past few days are rushing orders and delivering them(:
yea, thats my part time income coming in~ went to Catsocrates today.. 
lyke the new shop layout!
print out my namecard and the earrings..
hope baby lyke the new notebook(: loves. 


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snap snap* before we get into the car.

changed as fast i could after dance performance in Orchard today. got a dinner and movie to catch! thank you baby for the flower and your parents whom came and support me as well!!
thank God that the rain subsided and we had a clear sky. Im gonna turn in a bit now.. beauty sleep~
it is essential cause when you sleep, your body repairs and replace the cells.. brought new leg warmers for dance.

the importance of you in my life~
words are never enough to fully describe what the heart exactly feels;
thank you for being there for me, i cant wait for summer holidays! lets go backpackking!!


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is an emotion that is typically associated with things that are regarded as unclean, inedible, infectious, or otherwise offensive.

Disgust, disgusted, disgusting.

but just before these thoughts become dominant, thank God for bringing me back to rational thinking(:

thanks baby for listening to me and my ramblings*

i admit being a speed reader.. this is torturous.. to even try to savour each sentence so that i wont come to ending too soon. just bought New Moon as well(:

driving over to Christmas Party!!

going to sleep.. update more next time(;

cool! im blogging!!

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baby bought this pink dog for me(: and his is blue.

baby steps..♥♥

outside of church; checkered day!!

bought for baby this shirt ♥

yummy yummy, you go right to my tummy~ ♪

arent they pretty? just received some orders(:

vintages pouches for sale(: i made them myself, do tell me your orders by emailing me – . you can customize the size you want. loves!!

bought my new camera; ♪

my gell nails;

my favourite lunch for the month; – MEE HOON KUAY with DUMPLINGS! $3.o0 only.

thats my Mc’Donald.

hi there!

chewing her milk bone(:

the BEST buy of the month(: these masks are gonna last me at least 3 months!!

i call these the capsule-pills nails! ♪

came back from dance(: its late. 1:30am.
won tickets to watch Planet 51 with Shan and Rozz from 987fm.
gonna get some rest.


late entry:x

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edward cullen and bella swan

Vanessa invited me to catch the twilight premier last monday; compliments to 987 fm radio station. awesome! yes indeed certain parts are less expressive and less elaborate than the book.. but guess the movie to me was good!(: after all how difficult to act as the character when everyone has different perception and fantasy of how the characters look lyke? yes i do agree, its the modern version of Romeo and Juliet just that werewolves and vampires are added in to spice it up. Kristen Stewart’s acting skills has really improved as to how she acts up the break up scene with Edward. Taylor Lautner is mr. goody guy but still he is unable to capture Bella’s heart cause her heart beats for only one. they are both each other’s brand of heroine.

The team JACOB’s leader, Vanessa.

Im Team Edward.

in the cinema.

yes girl, we know you are in love ♥

asked a tourist to help us snap a shot.


vanessa’s photography skills.


took this with my new camera(: there is this beauty mode in the camera, and somehow i lyke this picture!! will post more pictures again.

went to church service today, im so used to the saturday’s service though. but no matter where i am, its still the church of God! ♥ gotta sleep early, had a wonderful time today. went with ervin, winnie and josaih to changi village for lunch after.. yummy! went to get my zippers to make the vintage pouches(: we bought 6 nice muffins and that shall be breakfast tomorrow..

p.s baby if you reading this, do get some rest kay? tomorrow you have to wake up early too. ♥♥